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We write about all sorts of interesting aspects related to plant nutrition and health!
Planten spuiten


Plants usually fail to absorb fertilizer through their leaves, but it is still common for experts in agriculture and horticulture to use spraying methods. Why do they do it?

The new generation plant fertilizers

Metrop Hydroponics' new line of highly concentrated organic fluid fertilizers can rightly be called the new generation of organic plant fertilizers.
Growing Plants

Growing Plants

The most phosphorus in a plant or tree is in the root !The higher the phosphorus level in a growth fertilizer, the greater root growth ! That is why Metrop made the MR1 Grow fertilizer.
Flower fertilizer

Flower fertilizer

The Metrop MR2 is a very high concentrated liquid Flower fertilizer. Maximum use is 100ml in a 100 litre water tank. That means you dont have to carry large bottles of fertilizers anymore.
Foliar Feeding

Foliar feeding

Nutrients can’t normally be taken in through the leaves or fruit. Still, we spray a lot in professional agriculture and horticulture markets. How can this be?

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